reNew Wellness Studio is dedicated to complete health and wellness, integrating techniques that strengthen the whole person.  A holistic approach views mind, body, and spirit not as separate entities, but as integral parts. Wellness approaches in the holistic field are wholesome, healthy, and not harmful or toxic to any individual or the environment. A holistic approach urges one to be active in their own health as part of their daily life.


The studio was created to redefine fitness and health in order to consistently improve the overall well-being of our clients. Our innovative private fitness and detox studio is dedicated to deliver trans-formative results to your mind and body. We take a holistic approach, providing a low-impact workout plan with revolutionary equipment and personally assist you in weight loss, toning, detoxification, hormonal balancing, relaxation and nutrition. Our goal is to create a peaceful environment providing you with unprecedented results in your overall wellness in an hour session.


At the age of 49 and a mother of a 15 year old daughter, Laura, doesn't just talk about fitness and health; she lives the lifestyle and has the credentials to help others achieve their fitness and wellness goals. Taking all of her experience as a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, personal trainer, nutrition coach, and yoga instructor, Laura created reNew Wellness Studio in order to help her clients achieve a healthier lifestyle...restoring and fortifying the mind, body, and spirit.  Laura is passionate about helping women through the struggles of aging, perimenopause, and menopause through her 5 Step Hormonal Balancing Program.  Laura works with each individual client on a customized, personal approach to fitness and wellness. By taking this detailed approach, you can be sure that your fitness and wellness plan directly fits your needs.





At reNew Wellness, we believe a holistic approach to your health includes a diet of "clean" whole foods.  We provide our clients with guidelines on getting started on a journey to healthier living!


Our sessions include a 25-30 minute workout on a Whole Body Vibration plate that has numerous benefits, including weight loss, toned muscles, reduction of cellulite, detoxification...etc. That is followed by 30 minutes in our therapy room, where you can choose between the Infrared Sauna or Infrared Massage Bed. These also help in the detoxification process, helps skin tone, improves relaxation, helps with pain in muscles and joints etc. The sessions are meant to help you look and feel your best!


Sessions can be purchased individually or as a monthly package of 8 or 12 sessions.


Please call for pricing.




Want to become a client, but don't live in the area?  No problem!  My 12 week program for Hormonal Balance and Weight Loss is available to any women around the world.

Click on the Contact Tab and provide me with your email and phone number to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.



41705 Elm Street Suite 401

Murrieta,  CA  92562


Available by appointment only

7:30am to 2:30pm

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